At the ADDP we’ve discovered in these first years of our existence, that sharing, learning, knowing one another and more specifically, coming together as an association, has made us stronger, not only as a collective but also as individuals, breaking the invisible barrier that defined the intrinsic solitude of our professional up until now.

But the ADDP also set out amongst its fundamental goals to recover the respect and dignity that our profession justly deserves, a goal that is today more urgent and necessary than ever.

We firmly continue to believe that not only should our technical and aesthetic expertise be recognised as fundamental values in the process of creating a campaign, but also our capacity to bring personality and a unique narrative visionto the creative concepts generated by advertising agencies.

It’s therefore our mission to remind all the actors in our industry that the devaluation of the figure of director, has only caused an impoverishment in the quality of the advertising campaigns created in our country.

Directing is, after all (however much this may seem to be stating the obvious) a profession.

A profession that doesn’t just happen on the set of our productions, but starts way before when we’re asked to work on a treatment to pitch for a project, and ends when our involvement in the process of creating the final piece concludes.  Therefore, our work as professionals by definition, implies the necessity to respect and uphold, at least the same legal and working conditions that normally apply to any other profession, be that in our sector or any other.

Based on this premise of respecting current legislation, which should be obvious for all parties involved,

the ADDP is strongly determined to defend all its members in their recognition as professionals in their full right

offering them legal advice and support in the eventuality of facing working conditions that don’t comply with the legal framework under which we practice our profession.

Treatment creation and the entire competitive process for a project are key elements of our work as directors. And one of the basic goals of the ADDP continues to be the regulation of this phase of competition and awarding of projects, achieving the effective application and obligatory compliance with a renewed code of best practice, and recovering transparency and honesty in this process, which all too often today, are being ignored.

And although our experience in these first years of the ADDP has shown us that the necessary process of change will perhaps be longer and more complex than we expected, if we keep working with this dedication, we’ll undoubtedly achieve not only these initial goals, but succeed in recovering values that should never have been lost:





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