We are ADDP

The ADDP was born in 2017 as the spontaneous initiative of a group of Spanish commercial directors. A think-tank platform with the goal of getting back a fair recognition of our professional value in the process of creating advertising campaigns. It’s the main objective of this association for our collective to become again an important presence with real voice in our industry. A voice to represent us all in our common fight to achieve decent labor conditions in full respect of legality.

But at the ADDP we share as well a strong intention of rethinking critically about our own work, of finding out new ways of growing and improving ourselves as directors, of sharing our personal experiences and getting to know each other as never has been possible for us before. And from this new position of unity, all together do our bit to improve as much as we can the advertising industry in our country.

We are not alone anymore. We are a collective now. We are ADDP.